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Please read the following rules and agreements carefully before signing into the services that we offer.

All users who accept these terms agree that they are of the legal age within their country to make use of these services as a whole.

All users must be at least 18 years of age to sign up. Our site is a privately run platform that has only been opened up to a select number of individuals chosen specifically by our company and those that have been invited personally by them. It is not open to the general public. Because of this, we consider all deposits that occur on our site a private transaction between the site itself and the subsequent member.

Users agree to keep all materials, updates, and other information from the site private and protected from any disclosure. The information we relay to our users is not to be solicited or taken as an offer or of an activity that goes against legal jurisdictions.

Any data given is to be kept private and protected from being shared with third parties. Any losses of data do not fall under our responsibility as a company.

All users agree to hold our company and its employees as not liable for any losses that may come about as a result of personal investments. It is also agreed that all resources on this site are purely educational and informational and are not to be taken as investment advice. All users maintain the responsibility to review these terms due to the fact that we retain the right to change them at anytime at our own discretion.

Any losses that come about using our site, our services, or a violation of our terms and conditions does not fall under our responsibility. Users agree that they will not utilize this site or its services in any manner that is illegal on local, national, or international levels.

Before posting a negative review or feedback on public forums or rating sites, our users agree to contact us in order to provide clarity and possibly resolve the situation. We maintain the right to remove, terminate, or suspend the accounts of any users who post spam, break our rules and regulations, or partake in any other activity we deem as appropriate for consequences. If you do not agree with anything outlined in the disclaimer above, please refrain from moving any further.

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